Events & Room Reservations

Book a Conference Room

Use the Room Booking System (CSAIL Login required) to book one of the many CSAIL conference rooms. You also have the option to provide room setup instructions and set recording options if available for that room.

Conference Room Etiquette

CSAIL Event Calendar

Create an event on the CSAIL Event Calendar (CSAIL Login required). It can be part of a seminar series or a stand alone event. You have the options to send reminder (see schedule below) emails to the list(s) of your choice. You also have the option to book the room, provide room setup instructions, and set recording options if available for that room. Your event, if public, will be displayed on the Event Kiosks.

Reminder Schedule

Event reminders are sent according to the following schedule:

If you enter an event in a way that you have missed one or more of these dates (for instance, you enter an event 23 days beforehand, or 5 days beforehand), a reminder will go out the next night, and then the remainder of the reminder schedule will pick up as above.

If you enter an event on the same day, you will need to send the reminder manually. You have permissions to send reminders for your own events.

Event Recording and Live Streaming (REPLAY)

Replay provides scheduled recording and live streaming of events in the Kiva, Star, and Hewlett conference rooms. Replay is designed as a no-cost (to you), self-service alternative to the more costly and/or laborious options, like hiring a videographer or having a student or staff record the event.

REPLAY is not intended for use in highly-polished video productions; it cannot, and does not, attempt to take the place of a skilled videographer and/or a studio environment