Building 45

Below is information for new CSAIL inhabitants of Schwarzman College of Computing at building 45. If you are not a member of CSAIL, please contact your group’s technical lead or administrator.

TIG support

TIG is located on-site in room 631A You will find us there Monday though Friday from about 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We’re committed to providing the same excellent support you’ve come to expect at the Stata Center.

Additionally, you will find many of the conveniences of TIG available for you at 631A like cables, adapters, laptops, tools to borrow, and more.

As always, you can also send us mail at to create a trouble tracking ticket. A member of the TIG team will promptly get back to you.


Wired Ethernet

Ethernet ports in building 45 CSAIL space in are on the building 45 CSAIL network subnet of If you need assistance with an Ethernet port in CSAIL space, please list the full port number on the wall you machine or switch its connected to.


CSAIL does not maintain a wireless network in Building 45. The wireless network in all of building 45 is MIT’s campus-wide computer network MITnet. MIT Secure is the preferred wireless network for members of the entire MIT community. Log in via your MIT Kerberos account.

Migrating Workstations to the new building

If your device is running Linux, and is currently in Stata, you can run the following from a command line:


After the script has run your machine will be migrated. You can simply connect your machine to the building 45 network.

If you’ve already moved to the new building and want to migrate a machine, send the hostname of the machine to, and we’ll migrate it for you.

If you are registering a new machine in building 45, follow the standard host registration steps at making sure to select the Building 45 subnet in WebDNS.


CSAIL maintains a Xerox PrimeLink c9070 a multifunctional printer that can copy scan and print located in room 45-701P

Info on installing drivers lives here..

To print to the CSAIL printer in 45-701P, you must be on the CSAIL building 45 Ethernet network, or the MIT Secure wireless network.

Conference Rooms

Building 45 conference and breakout rooms are available to the College community for reservation via the Atlas app.

TIG also maintains Zoom Rooms on carts in rooms 45-701Q and 45-741P

Physical Keys

Just like for CSAIL keys in building 32, please reach out to for new building 45 key requests.  Please make sure to cc your supervisor or admin assistant for approval.  This is also a good time to return any building 32 keys you have checked out.

Card Access

The exterior doors are unlocked Monday through Friday from 6 am to 7 pm (locked on Institute closings) Inside interior doors are unlocked Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please email for Card Access and please specify which space you need card access to.

Physical Mail and Packages

The “Distributed Mail Center” (DMC) is located on the 1st floor, Room 45-111 (locked door with card access)

MIT Mail services will drop off CSAIL mail and packages daily to 45-111. TIG will then retrieve the packages from this room and bring them up to Bldg 45 CSAIL offices and labs.

It is critical to make sure mail and packages are addressed correctly for them to make it over to Building 45. Please see the example below..

32 Vassar Street
MIT CSAIL 45-(*OFFICE NUMBER*) Cambridge MA 02139 (Optional Phone Number)

Reminder for package mail inquiries email with full tracking information including address and person addressed to.

Controlled Outlets

A number of the electrical outlets in Building 45 are controlled outlets. These outlets stay on during the hours of 6:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Outside of these hours, when sensors detect a space unoccupied for a period, the controlled outlets in the spaces will go off. The controlled outlets can be identified by the word “CONTROLLED” and the universal power icon on each outlet.

Centralized waste management system

The college will be adopting a centralized waste management system, as part of MIT’s goal of reducing waste stream contamination. The following floor plan shows the locations for the waste collection bins. Please note that all individuals are welcome to bring in their own waste bins, however, it is each person’s responsibility to dispose of their waste into the centralized bins on a daily basis.