Web Services

TIG offers and maintains a variety of Web publishing options for our community. If you need to host content for your group on a web site, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin, you can always send us email at help@csail.mit.edu. The following is a quick overview of available options.

In general, we suggest that you use static page based sites wherever possible, for several reasons: first, static sites are less susceptible to being defaced or compromised than sites that run server-based software (like a CMS or Wiki). Second, static sites usually load much more quickly than sites written in a server-based language. Finally, they are much easier to pick up and transport to a new hosting site, since there are no dependencies on particular software versions to maintain.

However, we recognize that there are times when a dynamic site is the right tool for the job. In cases where you need to do more than just host pages and other content - for example, to use web forms, collaborative editing (besides what is available in version control systems like Git), front ends for databases, and so forth - you’ll need to make a choice between using pre-made software, like a CMS (content management system, like Drupal or Wordpress), rolling your own (using a framework like Django or Rails, for example). We can help you arrive at an optimal solution.

Web hosting