Mail Lists at CSAIL

CSAIL uses Mailman, the GNU mailing list manager for mailing lists. Mailman is self service. You can may create a mailing list and modify it if you are its administrator. Depending on list setup, anyone can join a list, or invitations may be needed.

When a posting is sent to a mailing list, every member of the mailing list receives the message through an email. This way, only one email address is necessary to contact an entire group of people. The settings on a mailing list allow the choice of who can email the list; it can be the entire world, just the group members, or a specific group of people.

for List Members

for List Administrators and Moderators

Mailman passwords are insecure

Mailman is not designed with password security in mind. Do not use the same password for Mailman that you do for anything important.

Some lists are 'hidden.'

Hiding lists offers some limited spam protection. If you need help finding a list, or wish to change your list's visibility, email