Poster Printing

Printing to Aicher

Aicher is CSAIL’s self-service large format printer, located just outside TIG, 32-270.

This printer is expensive to supply and maintain, it should only be used by CSAIL members for CSAIL research.

You can print to Aicher only from the public CSAIL machines in the open area on the Second Floor outside of TIG. You must have a valid CSAIL account to log in.

Aicher Quick Info


For consistency, reliability, and ease of use, we recommend and support printing from .pdf’s.

Printing from public machine

Poster Cutting

TIG has a large format mat and straight edge, sliding cutter for trimming your posters. If you need it, please ask. There are poster tubes avaialbe next to the printer if needed.


Epson Presentation Paper Matte: a bright white, coated paper ideal for printing newsletter, flyers, reports or special presentations containing photos or graphics. Its smooth matte finish means you get bright colors and dark text.

Unloading Paper

Loading paper


Please feel free to stop into TIG for help. Or, drop us an email at