MacOS Printing

Printing Instructions For Mac OS 11 or higher

In building 32 all users who wish to print must be on the CSAILPrivate wireless network or wired CSAIL Ethernet. In building 45 printing is available wirelessly via MIT Secure or wired Ethernet configured on CSAIL subnet (mostly 6th and 7th floors).


The list below will show the available printers and their respective model numbers (for driver download)

  1. Locate your printer on the list below and note its model number
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the model number of your printer in the search box and exclude the “Xerox” prefix
  4. Select “Drivers & Downloads” and proceed to download the printer driver for Mac OS
    • If you are using FIrefox and cannot download the driver, try a differnt browser (know issue with xerox)
  5. Open the “.dmg” file downloaded and load click “.pkg” file to setup
  6. Continue with the setup until you are prompted to setup a printer… go ahead and click continue without setting anything up, and the installation should finish
  7. After the printer drivers are downloaded onto your Mac, the next set of instructions will tell how to install your printer
Location Printer Queue Name Model
45-701P xerox45-7 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
207 xerox2 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
245 trp (the-real-paper) Xerox Phaser 6500 DN
307 xerox3 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
347 xeroxhq Xerox PrimeLink c9070
near 399 bean Xerox Phaser 6510DN
D408 twd (the-weekly-dig) Xerox PrimeLink c9070
D529 stacco Xerox Phaser 6500
D475 ham Xerox Phaser 6500
G475 celery Xerox ColorQube 8570
G475 betty Xerox PrimeLink c9070
G550 xerox5 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
G615 ng (national-geographic) Xerox Phaser 6500
G675 xerox6 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
G726 xerox7 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
G824 xerox8 Xerox PrimeLink c9070
G875 serenity Xerox Phaser 6510
G950 xerox9 Xerox PrimeLink c9070

Installing the Printer

  1. Click Spotlight (Magnifying Glass Top Right) and Type “Printers”
  2. Click Printers & Scanners. (Note: If the lock in the lower left is closed, click to edit)
  3. Click “+” to add a printer, then click “IP” tab, enter the following in the fields:

    Address: [printername] For example:
    Protocol: "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP"
    Queue: leave blank
    Name: Should autocomplete. If not, use printer name
    Location: [not needed, can leave blank]
    Use: If the driver has been installed, the driver should be automatically selected. If not, select the matching printer model, then click Add/Close.

If a printer is Xerox PrimeLink c9070:

  1. Click Spotlight (Magnifying Glass Top Right) and Type “Printers”
  2. Click Printers & Scanners
  3. Click on the c9070 Printer and then click “Options & Supplies”:
  4. Click Options tab and configure the following fields:

    Paper Trays: 6 Trays (High Capacity Feeder and Tandem Trays)
    Finisher: “BR Finisher”
    Hole Punch Module: “2 and 3 Hole Punch Unit”