AFS is a distributed file system that uses Kerberos for authentication. AFS is cross-platform compatible, has built-in redundancy, fault-tolerance, high availability, and backup/restore management. Plus, it supports a much more granular access control model than standard UNIX modes, including user-defined access groups and even unauthenticated/anonymous access if desired.

The CSAIL AFS cell,, is available on any system with AFS software installed and an internet connection. For the convenience of lab members, TIG runs a public login machine with AFS configured. Access is via SSH (either via Kerberos tickets or by entering your CSAIL Kerberos password when prompted).

Using AFS at CSAIL

Installing AFS

Filesystem Layout

Beneath /afs/ contain the top level CSAIL AFS directores. The ones you are most concered with are:

For more information, see also AFS Home Directories and
Personal web pages

For more information, see also AFS Group Directories

For more information, see also AFS Project Directories

Also beneath /afs/ is: