CSAIL Wireless

CSAIL Wireless

CSAIL operates two parallel wireless networks. All are implemented by the same physical infrastructure, which currently (September, 2021) consists of 82 Meraki access points (mostly MR34 type). Most access points support 802.11ac Wave 2 with up to 600 Mbit/s transfer rate, but some APs in lightly used areas are still 802.11n-only. More information is available about our wireless network design principles.

You can determine which access point you are using, and some basic parameters of the radio connection, by visiting my.meraki.net in your browser. Current network status information is available.

Two wireless networks

There are two SSIDs (wireless network names)

Network Access Address
CSAILPrivate authenticated
StataCenter guest


StataCenter is an open and unencrypted wireless network intended for non-CSAIL users (including guests), with some restrictions on what users are able to do.


CSAILPrivate is CSAIL’s encrypted, authenticated wireless network. Use of CSAILPrivate is required to get a static IP address or to print to CSAIL printers when connected to a wireless network. As a reminder, although your traffic over the wireless network will be encrypted, there are still other points within the CSAIL network and outside CSAIL where your traffic can be monitored, albeit with a slightly higher degree of difficulty. The instructions below describe how to set up access using a CSAIL Kerberos username and password. If you are uncomfortable with using your regular CSAIL Kerberos password, or if the device you wish to connect will be shared by multiple people, please visit the helpdesk: they can create a separate Kerberos principal specifically for that purpose.

See Connecting to CSAILPrivate for more info