CSAIL Ubuntu and CSAIL Debian are TIG’s supported GNU/Linux spins, which come pre-configured with CSAIL Kerberos for authentication, AFS/NFS filesystems, and our CUPS printing infrastructure. This allows easy, transparent access to all the standard network resources without you needing to know the details of how everything works. As derivatives of Linux, CSAIL Ubuntu and CSAIL Debian provide the benefits of a vast collection of up-to-date software packages, and a maintainable long-term release cycle. The installation is managed by Puppet.

A word on Ubuntu versions

Ubuntu releases are of two types. Long-term-support releases, or LTS releases are supported by the upstream Ubuntu project for three years on desktops and five years on servers, and have LTS after their release number.

TIG only builds and supports CSAIL versions of LTS Ubuntu releases.

[Ubuntu Release Cycle] documents Ubuntu’s support timeline.

A word on Debian versions

Debian supports their operating systems for an indeterminate amount of time, usually several years.

TIG will provide support for the current stable and unstable releases (but not for ‘sid’) until Debian ceases their support.

[Debian Release Cycle] documents Debian’s support timeline.

Public information about our configuration-management

We like to share our system administration experience with other people, both at MIT and the public at large. Here is some information about what we are currently doing with configuration-management.

[SSH Access]: https://tig.csail.mit.edu/network-wireless/ssh/) [Setting up SSH]: /operating-systems/csail-linux/setting-up-ssh Puppet: /operating-systems/csail-linux/puppet-at-csail [Debian Release Cycle]: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS [Ubuntu Release Cycle]: https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle