In general, AFS is the recommended filesystem due to its added security and flexibility over NFS, but AFS does not provide high levels of performance in certain access patterns. TIG can provide high performance NFS service where it’s needed. Please contact TIG if you want to arrange to have access to a higher performance network filesystem in addition to the standard AFS storage space.

NFS is only accessible from the CSAIL network.

If you use NFS, join the nfs-users mailing-list for important announcements regarding NFS server operations.

Using NFS at CSAIL

All users automatically have access to two scratch filesystems on servers and workstations that have been configured for NFS access: /data/scratch, for use on servers physically located in Stata, and /data/scratch-oc40 for servers located at our remote data center in Holyoke. Each filesystem has a 1 TiB quota per user, and files are subject to deletion if they are not accessed in more than a year. If you need more storage, need to keep certain files around longer, or need data to be backed up for security, please read through the articles below:

Accessing NFS