Why can’t I access files in my home directory?

Your AFS tokens can’t pass through to the system where your job is being run, so any files being used when you submit won’t be available to the job (unless the AFS directory is world-readable).

Do not use the Slurm login node or compute nodes for permanent storage. These filesystems are not backed up and may be purged without notice.

What are the best practices for transferring data to my compute node?

Use sbcast in an sbatch script to transfer your files to the /tmp directory of a compute node before running a task.

If your files are very large and cannot be staged in this way, another solution is to use our NFS filesystems, which are available from all nodes and mounted at /data.

Anyone can create a directory on /data/scratch, but we don’t guarantee data stored here won’t disappear. If you need something more stable, refer to our NFS documentation to request a filesystem.

Can you please install ${SOFTWARE} for me?

Possibly. Please send your request to help@csail.mit.edu.