CSAIL Email Access


You can read your CSAIL IMAP email at any time through the Horde webmail interface. This is not as comfortable a way to read your mail as a dedicated email client (see below), but it requires no more configuration and it’s available wherever you have a web browser. It’s also the way to set Vacation rules and other filters – any filters you create on your local IMAP email client will only work when that computer and mail client is running, but filters you set up through webmail are applied as your mail is being delivered so they reliably filter all your mail.

The current version of Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is bundled with a number of additional applications such as a calendar, rudimentary notepad and to-do list applications, and a bookmark manager. We have chosen not to disable those applications because (1) our users may find them interesting to experiment with, (2) they integrate to some extent with the email interface, and (3) it’s easier for us to install and upgrade the software if we stick closer to the default configuration. However, these additional applications are not supported by TIG, and if you use them you do so at your own risk!

Mail Clients

For a more robust alternative to the Webmail interface, we recommend using an email client. The most popular email client (desktop email program) at CSAIL is Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to Configure an IMAP Client

How to Configure an SMTP Client