Slack is a popular messaging and collaboration platform. MIT provides Slack Enterprise Grid, a messaging and collaboration tool for teams, groups and individuals. With Slack Enterprise Grid, MIT faculty, students, and staff are eligible to create Slack workspaces and all members of the extended MIT community are eligible to participate in MIT’s Slack workspaces.

MIT’s Slack Enterprise Grid is provided and maintained by IS&T. For complete details, see the MIT Slack landing page.

Getting started


Workspaces are made up of channels where team members can communicate and work together. Each workspace has its own administrators who can control access and settings for the workspace. All the workspaces in MIT’s org share directory service, search and direct messaging functionality.

All MIT users can join the Institute-wide MIT workspace at, where you can learn about getting started with MIT’s Slack Enterprise Grid.

In addition, there’s a dedicated CSAIL workspace (also part of MIT’s Slack Enterprise Grid) which you can join at That’s a convenient place to interact with your CSAIL colleagues, and you can create your own “channels” inside it for smaller groups.

To request a new workspace in MIT’s Slack Enterprise Grid, email Please include the workspace URL you want and a description of your workspace. (You don’t need to do that to create a new channel within the CSAIL Slack workspace; just if your group wants its own workspace, which can then have its own channels.)


Channels are group conversations inside workspaces that can be for teams, projects, specific topics or even just for fun. They can be accessible to anybody in the workspace or by invitation only.

See for details