Email and Communicating

CSAIL Email vs MIT Email (and email forwarding)

MIT students, faculty, and staff members receive an MIT email address and can read and send email via MIT’s Athena mailhubs. The Athena mail system provides you with an address at, which you may prefer to give out because it it short and prestigious. You will also receive a CSAIL account. You may like to read your mail at CSAIL because we provide slightly better spam control. Also, CSAIL serves fewer users than MIT, so your first choice for an account name is more likely to be available at CSAIL than at MIT. You can use the two accounts separately or forward one to the other for convenience.

These choices have implications for who can help you with email problems and questions. (For instance, TIG sysadmins can trace the path of mail messages through our own mail servers, but not through IS&T’s or Google’s.)

Account Creation

You may have a CSAIL account and not a CSAIL IMAP account, for example, if you forward your email to another address. If you want instead to have your mail delivered locally and read it on our IMAP server, you can Create your IMAP account (CSAIL Login required) which will overwrite any forwarding options.

It takes up to half an hour for forwarding changes to take effect, so for a little while after you create your CSAIL IMAP account your mail may still be forwarded as it was before. You’ll need to wait a while before testing your new IMAP account.

CSAIL IMAP passwords are distinct from main CSAIL Kerberos passwords. If you expect to ever check email by remote, please use a separate password for your IMAP account. Change your IMAP password (CSAIL Login required)

Email Aliases

New alias may take up to an hour to be accessible. Create an Email Alias (CSAIL Login required)