Print, Copy, and Scan

Printing, Copiers, and Scanning

This page provides information on how to configure your computer to use the CSAIL printing infrastructure. Print spooling is handled by a software package called CUPS, which runs on the CSAIL print spooler server. Printing service is available for just about any operating system, since CUPS is backward-compatible with LPR (an older UNIX printing system.)


If you experience any problems with our printing services; that is, print job spooling, client configuration issues, printer jams, toner, paper, or other physical issues with printers, email or stop by 32-270

In building 32 all users who wish to print must be on the CSAILPrivate wireless network or wired CSAIL Ethernet. In building 45 printing is available wirelessly via MIT Secure or wired Ethernet configured on CSAIL subnet (mostly 6th and 7th floors).

Workstation Printing


Poster Printing

doggett is CSAIL’s self-service large format printer, located just outside TIG, [32-270]

Scan to Email

Scan to USB

Hard disks on all 10 copiers are being cleaned nightly, at 3am or 4am. Also, all data is removed before the old hard disk is replaced. We will make sure that no data is left when there is time to return the copiers back to Xerox.