Laser Cutter at CSAIL

If you allow someone else to access your account and use the machine, you will lose the ability to operate the laser cutter. Any abuse of the machine will result in your access being revoked

Laser Cutter

CSAIL has a Universal 120W Laser Cutter available to any CSAIL member providing you meet the following criteria:

  1. you have passed the training course for the laser cutter and machine shop
  2. you are using it for CSAIL related research
  3. you are on the csail-lasercutter mailing list.


The machine in located in 32-242 (after you complete the training you will be provided with the combination to the room).


To sign up for the training course, please contact Ron Wiken ( to arrange a time to take the course - it runs approximately thirty minutes. This machine can handle stock up to 32 inches x 18 inches.

Clean Up:

Prior to starting a job, it is the user’s responsibility to inspect both the mirror and the lens of the laser cutter. If dirty, please make sure to clean as needed. Only use the supplies (Q-tips, lens paper, and solution) near the laser cutter. All of this will be covered in the training session.

Remember, this is a shared resource so it is critical that anyone using it contributes to the cleanliness and organization of the room.

What to Avoid: