Neighborhood Reservation Application (NEIGHBORS)

The Neighbors Reservation Application

Neighbors is a web application developed by TIG to help reserve a spot in CSAIL neighborhoods during MIT’s COVID-19 restricted building access.

Use of this web app by all participating members of your research group is important–– (i) it allows people to reserve time-slots for space in your neighborhood on any given day to avoid overcrowding, and (ii) most importantly, it allows CSAIL to provide required space utilization data to MIT to document our compliance with MIT and Massachusetts mandates.

Please note Neighbors application is currently for CSAIL use only, and it should be used in conjunction with MIT’s COVIDPASS system. If you first do not have approved access through MIT COVIDPASS your MIT ID will not allow you into the Stata Center or CSAIL Space.

Using The Application

Phase 2 Notes

The most authoritative source for information about the virus and its impact on MIT Campus operation can be found at MIT's Up-to-date information for the MIT community about COVID-19.

If your access has been approved to the building, there are new campus access points and paths that we must adhere to in Phase 2. Note these differ from the paths that have been used during the ramp down.

Building 32 Access Maps

When you arrive on campus, go to your Access Point at the Stata Building and tap your ID card to gain entry. Exits have not changed. You do not need to exit through one of the Access Points. Please Wear your MIT ID and face covering at all times in our Building.

Face masks sanitizer, ID Holder lanyards, and cleaning supplies are available on second floor outside of the TIG office. Additionally, MIT set up a COVID-19 store in B2P, please let know if you need additional items form the store.

Signage has been posted throughout the building. Please follow the directions listed and take note of one way stairwells, entries and exits as well as elevator, shared public spaces, and bathroom capacities.