Metal Shop at CSAIL

Lending someone who has not taken the course your credentials to use the room will result in removal from the ability to use this resource. Any abuse of the machines will result in your access being revoked

To use the CSAIL machineshop you must a CSAIL member and meet the following criteria:

  1. you have passed the training course
  2. you are using it for CSAIL related research
  3. you are on the machine-shop mailing list.


The machine shop is located in 32-244 (after you complete the training your MIT id card will be granted access to the room).


To sign up for the training course, please contact Ron Wiken ( to arrange a time to take the course - it runs approximately 45 minutes to one hour. It is mandatory that you take this training class no matter your experience level or familiarity with other shops.

Clean Up:

It is up to the individuals who use this room to ensure that it is kept clean. All of this will be covered in the training session but in short, you must clean up after yourself and return tools used to their proper places. Also, no wood.

Remember, this is a shared resource so it is critical that anyone using it contributes to the cleanliness and organization of the room.

What to Avoid:

The shop includes:

1 drill press
1 vertical band saw
1 horizontal band saw
2 belt sanders
1 polishing wheel / wire wheel pedestal
2 lathes
1 manual milling machine
1 cnc milling machine