OpenAFS on (k)Ubuntu

OpenAFS on non-CSAIL Ubuntu Linux (and similar distributions)

These instructions should work as-is on Ubuntu 16.04 and later (including flavors such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and Mate), and probably work as well with Ubuntu 14.04 and later. They are likely to work on recent versions of (non-Ubuntu) Debian and other Debian- and Ubuntu-derived distributions as well. They are not needed and should not be used on CSAIL Ubuntu or other Debian/Ubuntu distributions that are already configured to support Kerberos and AFS, such as Athena workstations.

NOTE: You will have to repeat the kernel module installation whenever the kernel gets upgraded. If, after a reboot, AFS stops working, type the following:

  ls /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/fs/openafs.ko

If you get No such file or directory, you probably need to rebuild the openafs module for the currently-running kernel.

Notes for some old versions of Ubuntu

Some specific old versions of Ubuntu (generally with backported kernels) didn’t work right with the OpenAFS package versions in the Ubuntu repositories at the time. That incompatibility has definitely been fixed for all recent Ubuntu versions, and has probably been fixed for all still-supported Ubuntu versions, but just in case you have trouble, the workaround was to add the OpenAFS PPA repository following the instructions on that page before installing the AFS- and Kerberos-related packages. That is definitely not needed for 16.04 or newer.

(Some ancient and no longer supported versions of Ubuntu didn’t rebuild the OpenAFS kernel modules for you automatically when the OS kernel was upgraded. If your system is that old, you need to upgrade.)