VOIP Tranistion

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) is transitioning the Institute’s voicemail and telephone service to MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud as part of the modernization of MIT’s telecommunications infrastructure.

With our assistance in coordination, IS&T is trying to migrate all CSAIL VOIP accounts over the next two weeks.

Ideally we would all be on campus for this migration however we were told the old system is at end of life and needs to be retired by end of May.

CSAIL Students/lab members that share phone lines in an office or only use the phone to make outgoing calls don’t have to do anything and can stop reading here :)

If you have no personal greeting and wish to use the default system greeting and listen to VM messages sent via email, you may skip these two steps.

Folks who have dedicated CSAIL lines will need to take two steps before using the new voicemail system (again only if you wish to use a personal greeting or access your voicemail via phone.)

  1. Go to voip.mit.edu to set a passcode (known as a PIN in the legacy system). This will reset the code for both voicemail systems. Note that passcode requirements have been strengthened. You may use your old PIN as long as it meets the new requirements.

Please let us know if you do not have the right permissions to access this page and we can fix this up for you.

  1. After your PIN has been successfully updated call 617-258-6245 (v-MAIL)
  2. Enter your 5 digit extension (mailbox ID) as prompted (will not be prompted if calling from your MIT phone)
  3. Enter your new 4 - 8 digit PIN (passcode) as prompted
  4. Follow the audible instructions to record your name
  5. Follow these instructions to record a personal greeting

Most users use the default phone settings and may not see any effects of the transition.

If you use features such as refuse (blocked) list, call forwarding, speed dial or scheduling, those settings will not be migrated to Broadsoft, and you need to take action after the account is cut over. Go to broadsoft.mit.edu to set your preferences.

To learn how to access and use additional features in the Broadsoft portal, such as call forwarding and call waiting, go to the MITvoip Broadsoft Cloud Web Portal page. Key differences between the email addresses, dial-in numbers, and URLs used by each system are shown here in the Knowledge Base.

After your account has been migrated to check your new voicemail Dial x8-6245 (xV-MAIL) or 617-258-6245 and follow these instructions.

For instructions on all BroadSoft voicemail options, see the MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud Landing Page.

Voicemail forwarding settings will be migrated from the old system. For example if you previously had it set to automatically forward voicemails to email that will carry over to the new system. If you want this feature enabled/disabled you can update it at voip.mit.edu or let us know and we can fix it up for you.

If you receive voice mail via email, after transition, your voicemail messages will be delivered to your email from msgs@myservice.io and attached as an mp3 file. You do not need to take any actions related to this process.

The MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud system also includes MITvoip Softphone. This service will enable you to use your MIT phone number from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

Calls made via the BroadSoft UC-One Communicator display your MIT phone number and contact information. To learn more, including how to enable a softphone after your account’s transition, visit the MITvoip Softphone Landing Page. For more information, visit the Knowledge Base: * Transition to MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud * MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud FAQ * To learn how to access and use additional features in the BroadSoft portal, such as call forwarding and call waiting, go to the MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud Web Portal page.

Some TIG members have started using the softphone service and find it quite useful working remotely and prefer it over call forwarding.

Lastly, if your CSAIL line has has been configured with specific customized features you are concerned about migrating over properly, or if you have any other questions/ concerns, please send mail to help@csail.mit.edu