Will my CSAIL account go away when I leave?

We understand that many CSAIL alumni continue to collaborate with their colleagues at the Lab after they graduate (or retire, or resign). For students and employees who leave CSAIL on favorable terms, we expect to maintain accounts for some time into the future. Provided that your account does not represent a security issue, and that your use of the account does not harm CSAIL's resources or reputation, we will maintain accounts and email forwarding indefinitely. However, even though we do not delete accounts, you will lose access to your account if you fail to:
  1. Keep your CSAIL email forwarding current,
  2. Respond to mail we send you at your CSAIL email address, or
  3. Keep an active association with your former supervisor (or another CSAIL supervisor) as sponsor of your account.

Note that, as of 2010, CSAIL supervisors must approve the continuation of student accounts at the end of each term. They may choose, at their discretion, to renew each student's account for a term, to renew the account indefinitely as an alum, or to allow it to expire. (Supervisors will receive mail a few weeks before the deadline with a list of users and a pointer to the appropriate WebINQUIR module.) If your account is allowed to expire, you will lose access on the February 1 or July 1 following your last term. (Mail forwarding will continue indefinitely, as will Web service for files in your ~/public_html directory and Web forwarding from http://csail.mit.edu/ and http://www.csail.mit.edu/.) Supervisors have a 45-day grace period to renew accounts; after that time, a system administrator must reactivate the account.

You should not expect to be able to continue to use CSAIL IMAP for your email after you leave. To update your email forwarding address, use WebINQUIR (by preference) or send mail to help@csail. Please be aware that alumni will be given the lowest priority for help requests.

-- GarrettWollman - 18 Apr 2008
Topic revision: 11 Feb 2010, GarrettWollman

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