Web services

  • Web server architecture - server names, capabilities, and limits
  • Web server upgrades and MediaWiki?
  • Openssl patches from 2010? are still not handled by Safari
  • Wordpress at CSAIL
  • Future of client authentication? after certificates go away

Web hosting

Other Web services


  • Create your own MySQL database (CSAIL Certificate required) on mysql.csail.mit.edu
  • postgres.csail.mit.edu serves PostgreSQL schemas to CSAIL users (via their CSAIL Kerberos principals) and automated processes/web applications (via standard passwords), upon request to help@csail.mit.edu.
  • Do NOT use SQLite to store data anywhere in AFS (including home directories and web docroots). It assumes file locking semantics that AFS does not provide, and corrupted databases will result.

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