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Foswiki's TIG web The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018 by contributing authors TIG Foswiki Notifications [] The contributing authors of Foswiki Foswiki CSAIL.TIG /wiki/pub/System/WebTopBar/logo.jpg CrossCellHowto CSAIL/Athena Cross realm Authentication CSAIL and Athena have implemented cross realm authentication. This means that authenticated CSAIL users can access some Athena ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T03:13:13Z jdorfman AFSKerberosAndFirewalls AFS Kerberos And Firewalls Here is some information, in the format of Linux iptables save output, that may help you to understand what ports need to be opened on a ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T03:06:58Z jdorfman AFSProjectDirectory AFS Project Directory If it's not a research group and it's not an individual user, it must be a project! That's the basic distinction. Project directories live ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T02:38:16Z jdorfman AFSGroupDirectory AFS Group Directory Every CSAIL research group is entitled to group space in the CSAIL AFS cell. Everyone is strongly encouraged to store shared files in their group ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T02:27:26Z jdorfman AFSHomeDirectory AFS Home Directory User home directories in the CSAIL AFS cell are mounted under /afs/, where JRN is the user's login name and J is the first ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T02:26:39Z jdorfman AFSIntro Introduction to the CSAIL AFS Cell Public Access The CSAIL AFS cell is available on any system with AFS software installed and an internet connection. For the convenience ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T02:24:21Z jdorfman AFSProtectionGroups AFS Protection Groups AFS Concepts AFS implements the concept of user administered groups. Any user may create a group; only system administrators may create groups ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-24T02:22:54Z jdorfman TigCurrentStatus CURRENT SERVICE STATUS MGHPCC Holyoke Annual Shutdown COMPLETE MySQLUpgrade Tuesday May 29th service on will have a long maintenance window ... (last changed by SteveRuggiero) 2018-05-23T13:09:00Z steverug WebProxies Web proxies You may wish to configure your Web browser to use a proxy. Using a proxy provides a small increase in privacy, because your real IP address will not appear ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T16:05:16Z jdorfman WebHome Hot Topics * Online lab services will be moving to OIDC for authentication in the coming weeks and months. * SVN End of Life: July 1, 2018 * Public ... (last changed by SteveRuggiero) 2018-05-22T13:31:32Z steverug MySQLUpgrade MySQL Service will be down for an extended period (up to 24hr) Tuesday May 29th 2018 Tuesday May 29th 2018 CSAIL MySQL service on will have a ... (last changed by JonProulx) 2018-05-22T05:02:12Z jon InstallingKerberosForWindows Installing Kerberos For Windows 3.2.x Download * Kerberos for Windows 64 bit (CSAIL certificates required) * Kerberos for Windows 32 bit (CSAIL certificates ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T01:51:10Z jdorfman SettingUpSSH Setting up SSH On CSAILUbuntu, it's enabled by default, but without the "keytab" file necessary for Kerberos based passwordless login, so some of these steps are necessary ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T01:32:13Z jdorfman VNCSetupFromOutsideCSAIL How to set up VNC to be accessed from outside CSAIL First, be clear about the problem you're trying to solve. Is VNC (originally for "Virtual Network Computing") ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T01:29:42Z jdorfman PortFiltering Port filtering The following ports are filtered on traffic coming into the CSAIL network: * 135/tcp (loc srv) * 135/udp (loc srv) * 137/tcp (netbios ns) ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T01:24:20Z jdorfman DNSSecurity DNS security @ CSAIL DNSsec is a technology for ensuring the authenticity of DNS information using public key signatures. Deployment of DNSsec is proceeding somewhat ... (last changed by JasonDorfman) 2018-05-22T01:23:05Z jdorfman
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