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2014-04-21 15:00: The web server is mostly back to normal on the new server. There are some lingering issues (especially relating to Django apps) that we'll be working with page owners to fix.

2014-04-08: If you haven't already, read our announcement about the Heartbleed bug.

Hot Topics

  • The recently announced "Heartbleed" security vulnerability probably indirectly or directly affects everybody at CSAIL. We have a wiki page about it which explains the situation and helps you figure out if you need to change any of your CSAIL passwords. (Almost everybody will need to change non-CSAIL passwords, since the vulnerability is very widespread and has existed for a couple of years.)
  • Email scams ask for your password TIG will never ask for passwords! Institute policy forbids giving your password to anyone, even your system administrators and trusted colleagues.
  • Change or Reset CSAIL Kerberos Password If you know your current password, you can change it yourself using the kpasswd utility. If you forgot your CSAIL Kerberos password, it must be changed in-person with a TIG Member in office 32-G276 or 32-G664 during 9am - 5pm.
  • Change or Reset CSAIL IMAP Password CSAIL IMAP passwords are distinct from main CSAIL Kerberos passwords. If you expect to ever check email by remote, please use a separate password for your IMAP account. (CSAIL Certificates required)
  • Change MIT Kerberos Password Please speak with MIT IST. TIG cannot administer MIT passwords.
  • AFS Intro Introduction to AFS and permissions. AFS permissions are *self-managed* so you can secure your data precisely how you want it.
  • OpenStack Our 1500 virtual cpu OpenStack IaaS "cloud" now available for all lab members
  • If you want to put a machine in one of the CSAIL server rooms, you must consult with TIG staff before purchasing. We cannot guarantee that either space or electrical power will be available for your machine unless you talk to us first.
  • Moving offices? Please let TIG know which network ports you will be using so that we can make sure the correct network for your group is configured.
  • Will my CSAIL account go away when I finish my studies?


The Infrastructure Group (TIG) provides service-oriented computing, communications and operations assistance to support the world-class research underway at CSAIL. On the technical side, TIG handles everything from maintaining and monitoring a complex computing infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensuring lab members can access cutting-edge computing services. TIG maintains the labís five data centers, handles space accommodations and event logistics. Additionally, TIG actively promotes CSAIL research to the broader MIT community, reputable news organizations and the general public via a full-range of media relations and communications services.


This website is a resource for all your computing and facility related needs. Contact us to report everything from a broken door handle to a problem with a server or email. We encourage any feedback, and welcome all to stop in room 270 any time and meet the TIG staff.

Contact Us

Contact Information

We are located on the second floor of the Stata Center, in 32-270


If you would like to open a support case regarding Computing or Facilities related issues, sending an email to the address below will create a trouble tracking ticket in which we will promptly respond to.

Computing Support
Operational Support / Building Issues

Meet TIG

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