Common video connectors

TIG has cables and converters matching many of the below in 32-276, for use or loan.

(approx. to scale) Connector Common models Gotchas
VGA.png VGA PC Laptops
Stata projectors
Desktops before ~2006
Analog signal introduces noise to digital displays.
DVI_variants.png DVI
Single Link: up to 1920x1200
Dual Link: up to 2560x1600
Flat panel monitors
Full-sized desktops (minitower, tower)
Discrete MacBook Pro
Mac Pro
Only DVI-I (provided by graphics cards but not all converters) can be converted to VGA (which use DVI-A pins).
DMS_59.png DMS-59 Low-profile desktops, esp. slimline Dells "Y" cables needed to split to DVI and/or VGA.
Single monitor must connect to branch labeled "1".
Some projectors
High-end monitors
Unibody Mac Mini
Easy to convert to/from DVI, but will lose any sound channels.
DisplayPort.png DisplayPort Newer desktops
Newer monitors
Some ThinkPads
Converters to/from DVI and HDMI can be expensive or flakey.
MiniDisplayPort.png Mini DisplayPort Macs since 2009
Apple monitors since 2009
Some HP and Toshiba laptops
Converters to/from dual-link DVI and HDMI can be expensive or flakey.
MicroDVI.png Micro-DVI 2008 MacBook Air  
MiniDVI.png Mini-DVI 2006-2008 MacBooks (not Airs or Pros)
2006-2008 iMacs

Don't know which Apple hardware you have? See Apple's support document (esp. "Additional info" at bottom).

Looking for a weirder connector? You may find it on Wikipedia's list, but you're less likely to find it in 32-276.

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