Trac is a software-development-oriented content-management system, which includes a wiki, a bug-tracking system, a Subversion repository browser, and some glue to connect all of these things together. We have a central Trac installation, which can support multiple environments, each of which corresponds to one Web interface. If you would like to have Trac set up for your project, please send a request to help@csail with answers to the following questions:

  1. Which authentication mechanism do you want to use? We support either CSAIL certificates or HTTP Digest authentication. You can allow or disallow anonymous access, but anonymous users cannot make changes.
  2. What should the trac environment itself be called? (This is usually the same as the group or project name, but it's separately configured so it could be called something else. The Trac Web interface will identify itself to users using this name.)
  3. Do you want to use the Subversion repository browser, and if so, what is the path to the root of the repository? (N.B.: A Trac environment cannot browse more than one Subversion repository, and will give access to the entire repository. Make certain that there are no private files in your Subversion repository before choosing this option.)

With the above information, a trac site can be created for you, and will be served from the domain.
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