Printing, Copiers, and Scanning

This page provides information on how to configure your computer to use the CSAIL printing infrastructure. Print spooling is handled by a software package called CUPS, which runs on the CSAIL print spooler. Printing service is available for just about any operating system, since CUPS is backward-compatible with LPR (an older UNIX printing system.)

Email or stop by 32-270 if you experience any problems with our printing services; that is, print job spooling, client configuration issues, printer jams, toner, paper, or other physical issues with printers.


All users who wish to print from or have a static IP address on the wireless network must use the CSAILPrivate wireless network.

If you only plan on printing while connected to the wired network, like on a desktop workstation for example, certificates and device registration are not necessary and you can skip this section.

Windows and Mac Printing

Linux Printing & CUPS Information

Poster Printing

Copiers and Scanning

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