Printing to Mondrian

Mondrian is our new large format printer.

This printer is expensive to supply and maintain, it should only be used by CSAIL members for CSAIL research.

You can print to Mondrian only from the public CSAIL machines in the open area on the Second Floor. You must have a valid CSAIL account to log in.

Mondrian Quick Info

  • HP Designjet T1300 ePrinter
  • Paper Handling: Two automatic roll feeds; automatic roll-switching; automatic cutter
  • Maximum Paper Width: 42 inches
  • Mechanical print time: 39 sec/page US D color line drawing, Draft mode, plain (translation = fast)
  • Print resolution: Color - Up to 2400 x 1200dpi


Two paper types are available, plain and glossy. The glossy paper is 500% more expensive to print on compared to the plain. Use the glossy only when truly needed. Paper is available in the lockers behind the printer.

Loading Paper

From the printer touch pad panel:
  • Touch the "i" button
  • From the "Paper Information" screen, choose "Options"
  • Choose the roll you want to load
  • Follow the prompts to load the paper. It's important you are patient and wait until it prompts you for the next step. For example, if you close the door before it want's you to, you have to start over.
  • After the roll is loaded, choose paper type

Paper Type

  • Roll 1: HP Universal Bond Paper
  • Roll 2: HP Universal High-gloss Photo Paper


For consistency, reliability, and ease of use, we recommend and support printing from .pdf's. The following are instructions on how to print a .pdf from Adobe Acrobat (Mac and Windows) or Evince (Ubuntu) Note: if you 'Save As PDF' from a different PowerPoint? version than the one in which you made the poster, you may run into sizing problems when it comes time to print.

Mac Printing

  • Open your .pdf in Adobe Acrobat
  • File -> Print, then click "Page Setup" -> If you receive a "The Page Setup dialog box" box, click yes.
  • Choose Format for: "Mondrian", then for Paper Size select "Manage Custom Sizes"
  • Here you want to set the size you want your final poster print. You must know what size in inches your final print will be. Ideally, that is the same as your documents Page Size
    • Click the + button to Add a custom size
    • If both your edges are <= 42": Set the longest edge value as your Width, shortest edge value as Height.
    • If one of your edges is > 42": Set the shortest edge value as your Width, longest edge value as Height.
    • If both of your edges are > 42", set the Width value to 42", and the longest edge value as Height. (Your poster will be scaled in preceding steps)
    • Click OK.
  • Back at the Print dialog box:
    • for Size Options choose "Fit"
    • Orientation choose "Auto"
  • Click Printer on the bottom left -> If you receive a "The Page Setup dialog box" box, click yes.
  • For Printer choose "Mondrian.
  • Where it currently lists "Layout" choose "Paper/Quality"
  • For Plain Paper: (we request you use Plain Paper whenever possible. Glossy paper costs around 5x more per square inch!)
    • Paper Source "Roll 1"
    • Paper Type "Bond and Coated Paper" -> "HP Universal Bond Paper"
    • Quality Options choose "Speed"
  • For Glossy Paper:
    • Paper Source "Roll 2"
    • Paper Type "Photo Paper" -> "HP Universal High-Gloss Photo Paper"
  • Quality Options choose "Speed"
  • Click Print, then Print again will send your job to the printer. Make sure the appropriate paper is loaded and ready.


Please feel free to stop into TIG for help. Or, drop us an email at

-- JasonDorfman - 18
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