Placing ink blocks into Phaser8400 and 8550

When your local Phaser 8440 or 8550 says it's low or out of ink...

Caution: Use ink made for the Phaser 8500/8550 Color Printer only. Use of ink made for other Xerox printers or the use of non-Xerox ink may result in permanent damage to the printhead and affect print quality.  If there are no spare ink blocks in the colors needed by the printer, please email oops.
Also, the ink blocks are specific for each printer model.

To load ink:

  • Remove paper from the output tray.


  • Open the top cover.


  • Locate the ink-loading bin that is almost empty.  A label above each bin indicates the color and color number of that bin.
    Note - Each ink stick has a number that corresponds to the number on the ink-loading bin.

  • Remove the ink stick from its packaging.

  • Place the ink stick into the opening of the appropriate ink-loading bin.  Each ink stick is uniquely shaped to fit into the correct ink-loading bin.   Do not force the ink stick into the ink-loading bin.


  • Close the top cover.


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