Using Pine with CSAIL IMAP

On CSAIL Debian systems, PINE is already installed and configured for use with the CSAIL IMAP server, and should not require any further configuration.

On all other systems, use the lines below in your ~/.pinerc file.
folder-collections=CSAIL IMAP {$YOU}[]
separate-folder-and-directory-entries quell-empty-directories$YOU
  • These instructions assume CSAIL IMAP is the only email account you check via PINE, and will require modification otherwise.
  • Make sure to replace $YOU with your username, and similarly for your full name.


  1. If using Alpine (PINE's act-alike successor), to avoid having to type your password every time, touch .pine-passfile in your home directory (and let alpine do the rest).
Topic revision: 18 May 2018, JasonDorfman

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