Outside Communication Efforts

TIG is working on several efforts to better publicize our research to people outside the lab. Our goal is not only to expose our research to a wider audience, but also to create more awareness of the CSAIL name among the greater public.

News Stories

We have been working on a work flow for better documenting CSAIL research. The end goal will be to produce regular news stories for the web (text and photos) as well as short video documentaries. The subject of these stories could be a research project, a group, or an individual student. The stories will be published on the CSAIL web page and can also serve as press releases for outside news outlets. We are currently speaking with a few students and PIs about capturing their research in this way, and hope to start production on an initial project soon. Please contact mailto:kmmansur@csail.mit.edu?subject=news Karla Mansur if you’d like to have a news story written about your work.


To help publicize CSAIL’s research to an outside audience, we’ve set up a CSAIL YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/MITCSAIL. We’re focusing on both current research as well as stuff we've done that’s eye-catching. All videos will be accompanied by a short summary and a link to a paper or project page. Contact mailto:tbuehler@csail.mit.edu?subject=youtube Tom Buehler if you have a video you’d like to appear on this channel.

Public Monitors

We have installed two LCD monitors showing a continuous loop of videos exhibiting CSAIL research. One is on the fourth floor near Headquarters and Kiva, and the other is in the D4 hallway between the R&D dining area and Building 36. There are plans to install additional monitors in high traffic areas, including possibly on the Student Street. Each of these monitors also has a parabolic speaker so viewers standing close can hear the sound. We hope that these displays will not only inform visitors about what we do at CSAIL, but also let lab members know about research going on in other groups. If you have a video you’d like displayed on these monitors, contact mailto:tbuehler@csail.mit.edu?subject=monitors Tom Buehler.

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