Outreach Efforts

Several members of The infrastructure Group (tig) donate their spare time to the collection of older/used, but serviceable, computers for reuse by the less privileged. We have several efforts in progress. You can see the latest developments here.

What is tig doing?

Our ongoing efforts have been given a name and a mission, which you can read about on the imara web site.

Currently, our contributions consist mainly of time and technical expertise in cobbling together working computer systems, outfitting them with a useful operating system and software suite, and managing the logistics of getting them to their intended recipients. The latter task is often more complicated than the former, since shipping to some of the remote locations can be immensely expensive.

We are also working to provide other technical help to organizations like MEET (see below) to enable their outreach efforts. In the future we hope to expand our efforts and help raise the CSAIL community's awareness of their immense ability to provide help to those who need it, while expending minimal effort.

We've actually heard things like "that's great that you're working on world peace, but this issue of mine is more important..." Don't worry; of course, our primary mission is to provide robust computational and network resources to the CSAIL community. We do as much of this volunteer work as possible on our own time.

Current Effort Summary

How can I help?

Each outreach effort listed below has a set of particular immediate needs, so you can begin by reading their summaries. In general, if you are sitting on any slightly outdated - but still usable - computing and network hardware that can be shipped to remote locations without incurring massive shipping charges, we'd be glad to pick it up inside the lab, take it back to our workspace, and begin outfitting it for reuse.

Since it does cost so much to ship items, and larger items do not always survive the transit, we are especially looking for laptops and other small computing components and resources. Large CRT monitors and similarly heavy/bulky are unfortunately not usable for this purpose.

We need your innovation...

A common problem with rural communities is that there is no easy way to provide Internet connectivity. How would you do it? We'd like to hear your ideas on this issue, or any other ideas you have for providing useful technology to global areas of need.

-- MarkPearrow - 17 Oct 2005

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