CSAIL Network

The CSAIL network connects all locations in the research areas of the Stata Center with gigabit Ethernet at a density of one port per 25 square feet of office space, for a grand total of about 4,000 gigabit network ports. The network backbone is 10-gigabit Ethernet with two redundant backbone switches; the link between the core switches is 30 Gbit/s. CSAIL has aggregate outside connectivity of 10 Gbit/s. The CSAIL wireless network serves all floors in the Gates tower, and all CSAIL and LIDS areas in the Dreyfoos tower (D6 and below), but does not serve the first-floor classrooms or "student street".

Getting help

Requesting a static IP address

  • To request a static IP address, follow the directions in the WebDNS Users Guide to register your desired hostname. WebDNS will assign you a static IP address. You can then use DHREG to register your MAC address for the IP address WebDNS gave you. (CSAIL certificate required.)


Technology and configuration



Remote Access

  • VNC setup from outside CSAIL
  • VPN access to CSAIL is no longer provided or supported. If you need VPN access, first you may want to ask yourself the question, "Do I really need VPN access?" If you are unsure, please ask TIG. You may want to consider MIT's VPN: http://vpn.mit.edu/

Web proxies

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