Microsoft Outlook CSAIL email Configuration


Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2016

  1. Start Outlook for the first time, or go to Tools -> Account Settings -> New -> IMAP, Next.
  2. If starting outlook for the first time, click next at welcome, then choose "Yes" at "Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to en email account?"
  3. Select "Manual Setup...", then "POP or IMAP"
  4. Enter your name and CSAIL email address, choose "Account Type": "IMAP", Incoming and Outgoing mail servers as follows...

Account Type: IMAP
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

  1. Before you click next, click "More Settings"
  2. Check the top box that reads "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
  3. Check the second circle down which reads "Log on using" and enter your User Name and Password, click save password.
  4. On the Advanced tab, change both drop-down boxes from "None" to "TLS". Check to make sure the incoming server (IMAP) is set at 143 and change the outgoing server (SMTP) to 587
  5. Click OK, then Next, then Finish.


Microsoft Outlook 2016

If this is the first time you run Outlook 2016 for Mac, you’ll see a welcome screen. If so, skip to step 1.

If you’ve previously completed the Outlook 2016 for Mac setup wizard (you already had an account for example), go to the menu bar go to Tools > Accounts. Then click the "+" button on he bottom and choose other email. Skip to step 2.

  1. Click through the introductory messages until you see the Set up my Inbox panel, then select Add Account and select "Other Email"* go to step 3.
  2. Enter your Email Address and Password. Click "Add Account"
  3. Enter the following:

User name: your csail username (not your entire email address)
Type: IMAP
Incoming Sever
check "Use SSL..."
Outgoing server:
check "Use SSL..." 

  1. Click "Add Account"
  2. Click ok, or finish

Additional notes

  • Does Outlook display the "wrong inbox" when you start up? (A blank folder within Personal Folders, rather than your CSAIL IMAP Inbox.) If so, ...
    1. Go to Tools/Options
    2. Click the "Other" tab
    3. Click "Advanced Options"
    4. Next to "Startup in this folder:", click "Browse..."
    5. Navigate to the Inbox inside your CSAIL account and click it to select
    6. Click "OK" until you're back to the normal view.
  • Does Outlook save messages to the "wrong Sent folder"? (Sent Items within Personal Folders, rather than your CSAIL IMAP Sent folder.) If so, ...
    1. Go to Tools/Account Settings
    2. Double-click your IMAP account
    3. Click the "More settings" button
    4. Click the "Folders" tab
    5. Select "Choose an existing save sent items..."
    6. Click the "Sent" folder underneath your IMAP account to select it
    7. Click "OK" until you're back to the normal view.
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