DVD/CD sharing from nearby Macs or PCs ("Remote Disc")

Remote Disc is intended to allow a MacBook Air to use the optical drive of a nearby computer, either Mac or PC, which is called the "host."

  • You must first install special software on the host ("DVD/CD Sharing Setup"), using the Install Disc 1 that came with your MacBook Air (Apple does not make this software available for download anywhere else.)
  • For the two computers to "see" each other, they need to be "close by" on the network. Apple hasn't said what they mean by "close," but we do know:
    • the computers must either both be on wireless, or both use wired ethernet
    • Remote Disc does not currently work using StataCenter or StataGuest wireless
    • It should work on most home wireless networks
    • It has not been tested using CSAIL's wired ethernet.
  • Firewall settings on the host Mac or PC may block access. See http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=307378

As an alternative to Remote Disc, external (USB) DVD drives can be borrowed from the TIG offices.

-- ArthurProkosch - 25 Feb 2008
Topic revision: 25 Feb 2008, ArthurProkosch

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