MEET is an innovative educational initiative aimed at creating a common professional language between Israeli and Palestinian young leaders. Working together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MEET enables its participants to acquire advanced technological and leadership tools while empowering them to create positive social change within their own communities.

The official MEET web site can be found at .


CSAIL is extending its support to the MEET initiative through the launching of the k-meet project. The K-MEET project includes the design and implementation of an interactive, multi mode kiosk system, which would be deployed in the following three locations:
  • MIT CSAIL (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Al-Quds University

The purpose of this project is to develop a collaborative platform framework, around which MEET students and instructors can develop class projects. When MEET is not in session, the devices can also be used as an informal conduit between these three major engineering schools. K-MEET will provide synchronous and asynchronous communications that can facilitate informal daily collaboration.

Both the physical and technical design will take into account the cultural differences of all involved parties.

-- MarkPearrow - 18 Oct 2005
  • Summer 2005 MEET group photo:
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