Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) at CSAIL

MIT has created a Leopard Release Notebook you might want to take a look at in addition to this page for notes about 10.5 specific issues. As of May 15, 2008 most applications work fine in Leopard, but there are a few outstanding things that don't work (primarily iPass).

Kerberos Authentication

You can setup 10.5 to automatically obtain kerberos tickets when you login. This involves editing your /etc/authorization file.

* First, you need a valid edu.mit.Kerberos file in your /Library/Preferences/ folder with the [libdefaults] section indicating a default_realm = CSAIL.MIT.EDU

* Backup your existing authorization file: cp /etc/authorization /etc/authorization.bak

* Change the system.login.consolemechanisms section to the following:

Note the added builtin:krb5authnoverify,privileged

* Next change the authenticate, mechanisms section to :

-- Main.siracusa - 30 Oct 2007


You need to use the latest version of OpenAFS? on leopard. You can get it here: http://www.openafs.org/pages/macos.html#leopard .

Once installed, you should change your /var/db/openafs/etc/ThisCell file to contain "csail.mit.edu" . This defines your machines local cell to be CSAIL. After getting kerberos tickets you can use /usr/bin/aklog to obtain AFS Tokens.

We are still figuring out the correct way to automatically obtain AFS tokens when you get your kerberos tickets. One solution that worked in 10.4 and partially works in 10.5 can be found here: http://www.ibiblio.org/macsupport/kerberos/kerberos10_4.html . See Step 4, Option B) Using afslogscript.loginLogout . This works in 10.5 on the command line so that when you run kinit it will automatically run aklog after for you. However, this does not work when creating new tickets in the Kerberos.app application or when you get Kerberos tickets on login.

-- Main.siracusa - 30 Oct 2007


Apple's X11 distribution - available on the install DVD in Optional Installs ... Applications > X11 - created many new bugs. Some of these are fixed as of 10.5.2, but others may appear only with certain applications (eg Matlab).

-- ArthurProkosch - 24 Feb 2009

X11 and Dual Monitors

There is a bug in the X11 that ships with Leopard which stops you from dragging an X window between two monitors. Supposedly this bug should be fixed in the next system update but for now you can manually update your X11 by running the following two commands:

curl -LO http://cloud.cs.berkeley.edu/~jeremy/X11/x11_update.sh
sudo sh x11_update.sh

Sources: XDarwin Project, comp.sys.mac group

-- Main.siracusa - 16 Nov 2007

-- MarkPearrow - 30 Oct 2007
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