LDAP Service (Address Book lookup from CSAIL)

TIG operates ldap-slave.csail.mit.edu primarily as a back-end service in support of other core services.

Thunderbird Configuration

Follow the following steps to configure Thunderbird so that it auto-completes the To:, CC:, etc fields from a database of publicly visible CSAIL accounts.
  1. Go to Tools/Options (Thunderbird/Preferences on a Mac, Edit/Preferences on Linux)
  2. Click Composition, then Addressing
  3. Put a checkmark next to "Directory Server", then click "Edit Directories..."
  4. Click "Add" and fill in the following values:
    • Name: CSAIL
    • Hostname: ldap-slave.csail.mit.edu
    • Base DN: ou=people,dc=csail,dc=mit,dc=edu
    • leaving the rest at the defaults.
  5. (Optional) Click OK, then "Add" again:
    • Name: MIT
    • Hostname: ldap.mit.edu
    • Base DN: dc=mit,dc=edu
  6. Click OK twice and make sure CSAIL is selected in the drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK until you're back at your mailbox
  8. Click "Write", and type only a single word (no @) into the To: field. Wait a few seconds.
  9. If prompted for a password, click OK (leaving it blank).

If you decide that the auto-complete feature is too much, you can go back uncheck "Directory Server" in Composition/Addressing. You will still be able to manually look up addresses by clicking the "Address Book" icon and choosing CSAIL in the Address Book list.

MacOS Mail and Address Book

  1. Start Address Book. Address Book menu/Preferences
  2. Click Accounts -> "+" -> Account type: "LDAP" and fill in the following values:
    • Server Address: ldap-slave.csail.mit.edu, then Continue
    • Description: CSAIL
    • Search Base: ou=people,dc=csail,dc=mit,dc=edu
    • leaving the rest at the defaults
  3. (Optional) Click Save, then click "+" again:
    • Server Address: ldap.mit.edu
    • Description: MIT
    • Search Base: dc=mit,dc=edu
  4. Click Save, then close the preferences window
  5. You will be able to search in Address Book/Directories/CSAIL, and by first and last name when addressing messages in Mail.
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