System Requirements for AFS

  • You must be running Microsoft Windows XP; mail us if you need installation media.

  • You must have a CSAIL Kerberos principal (username and password). If you don't, please go to the web page for info on getting one.

OpenAFS Installation Instructions

1. Goto the OpenAFS Download Page and download the installer for the latest version of OpenAFS for Windows.

2. After running the installer, you should see a following window

Click next

3. You should see a window asking which components you would like to install. The defaults of "AFS Client" and "Supplemental Documentation" are fine.

4. You will then be asked where you would like the client installed. Once again, you should in most cases accept the default.

5. Next, you will be asked for the location of the OpenAFS Client config file. Select Use packaged CellServDB file.

6. Now you will be asked to supply a cell name for AFS. Enter in the box provided and leave the default installation options checked.

7. Select the default options for AFS configuration. After you finish installing ,reboot the computer .

Post installation

After installation, you will probably want to adjust some AFS Client configuration parameters. The default parameters are rather conservative and do not provide adequate performance. If you do not see a padlock icon in the Windows "notification area" (lower right corner of the screen, near the clock), then start the OpenAFS? Authentication tool via Start --> All Programs --> OpenAFS? --> Client --> Authentication. The padlock should now appear in the notification area. Click on it, and the AFS Client window will pop up.

  1. Click Configure AFS Client, which will pop up the AFS Client Configuration window.
  2. Select the Advanced tab. Set the Cache Size value to something between 600,000 and 1,000,000. Set the Chunk Size value to 1024.
  3. Click the Miscelaneous... button, which will pop up the Miscellaneous Configuration window. Increase the Service Threads value to 5.
  4. Dismiss the various AFS Client windows by clicking the OK buttons.
  5. Restart the AFS Client if prompted to do so.
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