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MIT students, faculty, and staff members receive an MIT email address and can read and send email via MIT's Athena mailhubs. The Athena mail system provides you with an address at, which you may prefer to give out because it it short and prestigious. You will also receive a CSAIL account. You may like to read your mail at CSAIL because we provide slightly better spam control. Also, CSAIL serves fewer users than MIT, so your preferred email account name is more likely to be available at CSAIL than at MIT. You can use the two accounts separately or forward one to the other for convenience.

  • You could keep your MIT and CSAIL mail accounts completely separate. If you don't change anything, you will need to log into each account separately to read all of your mail.

  • You could have your CSAIL email forwarded to your MIT account, or to another destination entirely (Gmail, or your research group's mailhub). To forward your CSAIL email, edit your personal information using WebINQUIR. Please note that the conventional UNIX means of forwarding email, placing a .forward file in your home directory, will not work.

Using CSAIL Email

CSAIL supports most of the common IMAP mail clients to read your mail (though we do not support Eudora and strongly discourage using it). Spam filtering happens automatically on the mail server. If you want custom mail filters, separate folders for mailing lists, or a vacation autoresponder, use the CSAIL IMAP web interface.

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