G535 Computer Room Construction Project

3/20/17 Update


We have begun moving machines out of G535, if you haven't already please send us mail with a plan for the machines you or your group is responsible for.

Hopefully by now you have some knowledge that CSAIL has decided to renovate G535 computer room into additional office/open space to accommodate our growing space needs.

We believe all machines in G535 fall into one of the following categories and we need your assistance sorting through the details.

1. No longer needed (please decommission and remove).

2. Services running on the machine will fold into CSAIL's OpenStack system.

3. Services must be maintained on dedicated hardware but can be physically located in MITís Holyoke Datacenter.

4. Due to special circumstances this machine absolutely needs to be in Stata Center.

Because we have very limited space, power, and cooling remaining in our data centers, the number of machines that can fall into category number 4 are limited so please only request such a location if absolutely necessary.

Below Iíve included a couple of links for your review related to TIG's OpenStack implementation as well as the MIT Holyoke Datacenter.

Also below is our G535 Rack Planner (what we know of that is in there) separated by group. Please take a look at what machines your group have in there and let us know if anything should be updated.

Openstack --> http://tig.csail.mit.edu/wiki/TIG/OpenStack

Holyoke --> https://tig.csail.mit.edu/wiki/TIG/HolyokeDataCenter

Rack Planner


W3C Rack1

W3C Rack2

W3C Rack3

W3C Rack4

W3C Rack12


PDOS Rack13

PDOS Rack18

PDOS Rack19


NMS Rack 20 & 21

NMS Rack22

NMS Rack23


ANA Rack 8

ANA Rack 9


PMG Rack14


SDG/SCT Rack11


PSRG Rack10

If you have any questions, if you would like to setup a time to look in G535 or talk about your groups machines in person please let us know help@csail.mit.edu.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation with this effort as we know itís not easy to make such changes.

-- SteveRuggiero - 20 Jul 2016
Topic revision: 20 Mar 2017, SteveRuggiero

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