Email Forwarding

You have a choice of reading email in a number of locations and formats. Many people choose to read email directly from the CSAIL IMAP server. Creating a CSAIL IMAP account will automatically revert any custom forwarding options specified using the below instructions.

To forward your email to an arbitrary address, visit in a browser with your CSAIL client certificates. Choose the "view and edit your personal information" link, then edit the field called "email forwarding". Note that it may take up to one hour for the change to take effect. Also, be careful to make sure that your mail forwarding doesn't loop -- for example, sending to when Athena forwarding sends it back to will result in lost mail.

To forward a copy of your email to an arbitrary address while maintaining standard delivery to your CSAIL IMAP mailbox, first log into the webmail system. Next, click the "filters" icon along the top row. The icons will change; next click the "forward" icon. Check the "keep a copy" checkbox, then supply your secondary address and save. Note 1: When using this configuration, please don't let tons of mail pile up in your CSAIL IMAP mailbox. Note 2: Mail from addresses on your whitelist will not be forwarded. We suggest you disable your webmail whitelist. Note 3: Due to a bug in the webmail software, some users see an incorrect message that login was unsuccessful even after a successful login. If you see the webmail navigational sidebar on the left (with "Horde" and "Dynamic Mail" links) you can click on "Mail" or "Dynamic Mail" and ignore the message.

Please note that the conventional UNIX means of forwarding email, placing a .forward file in your home directory, does not work at CSAIL.
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