Dot Files

bash, tcsh, and zsh are supported by TIG. Shell initialization is performed in the usual way according to your shell's documentation. To choose a shell, use 'chsh' on any CSAIL Debian machine. There will be a delay of up to 15 minutes before the change takes effect.

% chsh
You are currently using: csh
Available shells:
0: sh
1: csh
2: zsh
Note: sh means bash, and csh means tcsh. Login shells source CSAIL custom configuration file located in /afs/ The CSAIL shell init files are responsible for adding /usr/local/csail/bin to the PATH environment variable, as well as for implementing the DotSoftware system.

-- NoahMeyerhans - 03 Nov 2005
Topic revision: 20 Nov 2006, JasonDorfman

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