The Darwin Project @ CSAIL

The Darwin Project is a research collaboration involving CSAIL, CSBi, and Earth & Planetary Sciences at MIT, along with the San Diego Supercomputer Center. When the project's computing infrastructure is fully operational, it will include:

  • a 30-node visualization cluster driving a large display panel in a high-visibility location (TBD) here in Stata
  • a 128-node computation cluster located at the CSBi data center in NE47
  • a multi-terabyte storage system, also in NE47
  • existing clusters at EAPS in building 54 and in Stata

These facilities will be connected to each other using ten-gigabit Ethernet, the same technology as is used in CSAIL's network backbone, and CSAIL will serve as the network hub for the Darwin Project. In addition, a ten-gigabit connection to San Diego Supercomputer Center, via the National LambdaRail research network, is being installed, which will connect to the Darwin network at CSAIL.

Technical details (for Darwin participants)

  • The following IPv4 networks are assigned:
    • Public:
    • GPFS (private):
  • Al Davis in CSBi handles network address assignment and the DNS.
  • The following Ethernet VLAN tags are assigned:
    • Public: 868 (tentative)
    • GPFS (private): 869 (tentative)

-- GarrettWollman - 26 Sep 2007
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