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[[http://tv.csail.mit.edu/] [CSAIL TV]] is CSAIL’s new video distribution portal. It consists of two main parts: a system for viewing and recording live feeds from the Kiva and Star conference rooms, and an on demand archive of CSAIL research videos.

Clicking on the “Tune In’ button at tv.csail.mit.edu will launch InStream?, a web-based java applet. Here you can view the channels the system broadcasts. The live video feeds from Star and Kiva each have their own channel. Another channel shows the video loop displayed on several public monitors throughout Stata. In the future more channels may be added.

In the interests of privacy, in each room there is a switch that turns off the camera. Above this switch is a prominent recording sign that lights read when the system is broadcasting. The audio feed comes from the wireless mic found in each room, so the only way that audio will be broadcast is if you intentionally put on the mic and turn it on.

The system can also record live broadcasts from the conference rooms and publish them on the web. Our goal is to automate this system and integrate the recording schedule with the conference room booking system, so all you would have to do to schedule a recording is check a box when you reserve a room. At the moment you have to tell TIG when you want the recording to take place and we will schedule it.

The CSAIL video archive is located at tv.csail.mit.edu/now. We want this to be an exhaustive archive of CSAIL research videos that were previously scattered among various personal web pages. The archive is for videos demonstrating past projects and completed work; a good time to archive a video is after the work is published. For work in progress, signal.csail.mit.edu would be a better place to post. The videos are viewed using a web applet that automatically launches when a video is selected. No software or codecs need to be downloaded.
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