Creating Your Own Wiki

TIG provides support for two wiki platforms: MediaWiki and Foswiki. Foswiki (which grew out of TWiki) is what powers the TIG web site. MediaWiki powers popular sites such as Wikipedia. Which wiki you choose is largely a matter of personal preference, as both are fairly flexible and can be configured with a variety of different behaviors and appearances.


Foswiki is installed on, so all Foswiki Webs will appear as subdirectories of that URL. Feel free to experiment with it in the "Sandbox" web at The Sandbox is writable by anyone with CSAIL Certificates and there is (or should be) no important content, so feel free to hack on it as much as you want in order to get a feel for how Foswiki works.

Foswiki can be configured to restrict read and/or write access based on CSAIL certificates, or you can allow anybody to read and/or edit it. There is no provision for people from outside CSAIL to have a wiki account, though, so anybody without a CSAIL certificate will be "anonymous" (a.k.a. Main.WikiGuest) when editing the wiki.

If you want to use Foswiki, please email and request a new Foswiki Web. We will need to know what to name your Wiki Web. The name can be up to 10 characters long and must begin with at least one upper-case letter.

TIG members: See FoswikiAdministration


MediaWiki is a powerful - and moderately complex - wiki platform that can be installed at any URL on CSAIL's standard web servers (groups, projects, courses, people). Please email to start this process, being sure to include:
  1. Name of wiki (hopefully one word, to be displayed in <TITLE> etc)
  2. Desired URL (generally similar to
  3. Desired level of access control (will only CSAIL members be editing? should it be visible by the public? etc.)
  4. Owner/administrator of the wiki, if different from you yourself
  5. Logo for the wiki, as 135x135px .png (optional; CSAIL logo will show otherwise)

TIG members: see the howto if you're setting one up for a user.

-- NoahMeyerhans - 16 Nov 2005 -- ArthurProkosch - 26 Jun 2008

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