If your group is planning on purchasing dedicated compute resources please contact help@csail.mit.edu to see if your needs would be better served by buying into our cluster system.

TIG has built out a flexible, reconfigurable compute clustering environment which is able to serve both as a lab wide batch queued cluster based on Condor[1] and also host private or priority access nodes for groups who purchase dedicated hardware. The short initial proposal(PDF format) was made in August 2006 after a period of testing various cluster options.


The design, illustrated above, allows the integration or separation of three main components: the queuing systems, the virtualization system, and existing physical servers. The intersections show the areas discussed in this document. The non-intersecting areas suggest the possibilities outside the scope of this document, most notably the existing private group compute resources in their current stand-alone configuration, the possibility of virtualizing infrastructural services, and the possibility of incorporationg workstation idle cycle harvesting into the queing system.

-- JonProulx - 08 Aug 2007

[1] http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/
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