Getting Certificates Instructions - Apple Safari / Keychain

1. Obtain CSAIL Client Certificate for your Browser

Download CSAIL Master CA Certificate to your computer and proceed to open the master.cer file.
  • Keychain Access will load and ask where to import the certificate. Choose "System" under keychain and add the certificate. The system will prompt you to provide your OSX password.

2. Obtain CSAIL Client Certificates for your Browser

After installing your authority certificates, you have to obtain client certificates for your browser. This allows our network to identify you.
  • Click here to open the request page.
  • From the drop-down menu on that page, select the longest key length available.
  • Click the submit button. Safari will download a request.p7s file.
  • Open the downloaded request.p7s file. It will install in your Keychain.


If you have previously used the MIT CertAid? to obtain certificates, you may not be able to use CSAIL certificates. Please follow these steps to fix:
  1. Open Apple Keychain: /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access
  2. Under "Keychains" highlight "login" and under "Category" highlight "All Items"
  3. In the search field, enter
  4. Look for the Identity Preference named "*" (there may be two)
  5. Delete the * Identity Preferences
Topic revision: 07 May 2018, JasonDorfman

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