Getting Certificates Instructions - Google Chrome (or Chromium)

Google Chrome (Windows)

Google Chrome uses the Windows certificate store which is shared with IE. The only way to load the certificates is to follow IE instructions and add the certificates to the Windows Certificate Store:

Once this is done, your certificates should be accessible within Chrome as well as IE.

Google Chrome (Mac)

Chrome uses Apple Keychain to store certificates. Obtain your certificates using Safari here. After they are loaded onto your Keychain, Chrome will see and use them.

Chrome (GNU/Linux)

Chrome in GNU/Linux has partial support for certificates. It uses it's own system to store and use them, but it's unable to install the CSAIL Client Certificates without importing them from a Firefox backup.

In Chrome (version 28 or higher):

Acquiring the CSAIL Master CA Certificate
  • Download the CSAIL Master CA Certificate
  • Click the "Options" icon on the top right and go to "Settings" --> "Advanced" --> "Manage Certificates" --> "Authorities." Settings is also accessible by typing "Chrome:\\Settings" in the address bar.
  • Click "Import" to find and install the downloaded "master.cer" file (make sure filters are properly configured so the file is visible).
  • Check all 3 radio boxes to "Trust" the CSAIL Master CA certificate.
Acquiring the CSAIL Client Certificate
  • Export your CSAIL Client certificate from Firefox:
  • In Chrome, click "Your Certificates" tab (still in "Certificate Manager") --> click "Import..."
    • Navigate to the directory in which you saved your CSAIL client certificate in Firefox. Make sure the file format filter is properly configured (.p12).
    • Select and open CSAIL client certificate, enter password you created.
  • The Client Certificate should now show up in "Your Certificates" -- you're finished!

Technical reference

  • Google Chrome has supported client certificates since version
  • Current obstacle is supporting all parts of the certificate enrollment protocol, specifically supporting standard client certificate formats.
  • Chromium bug #37142 tracks the status of this issue. Voting for this bug (star icon link at bottom of the page when logged in with a Google Account) and/or its two dependencies may help spur progress.

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