Apple Mail


  • Start Mail (eg, by clicking its icon on the dock)
  • At "Welcome to Mail":
    • Full Name: Your full name as you want it to appear on your outgoing messages
    • Email address: $
    • Password: leave blank for now
  • If you see "Mail can't verify the identity of ''", click Cancel.
  • At "Incoming Mail Server":
    • Account Type: "IMAP"
    • Incoming Mail Server:
    • Password: (your IMAP password)
    • Click Continue. If prompted, put a checkmark next to Use SSL and change "Password" to "CRAM-MD5".
  • At "Outgoing Mail Server":
    • Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Use Authentication: YES
    • If prompted, enter the same username and CSAIL IMAP password.
  • Then click Continue/Create.

Optional steps

Share Sent/Trash with other email programs: By default, Apple Mail will save sent items to "Sent Messages" and Trash to "Deleted Messages". To share the standard name of these folders, as used by Thunderbird and other IMAP clients:
  • In the folder list (you may need to click "Show" in the top left), navigate underneath "CSAIL.MIT.EDU" to select "Sent".
  • In the Mailbox menu, choose Use This Mailbox For > Sent. The folder will disappear, becoming "Sent" under "MAILBOXES" further up.
  • Repeat for Trash.
  • The folders "Sent Messages" and "Deleted Items" will appear below; after checking for contents you may delete them.

User database auto-completion: See LDAP Directory Lookup

Shared folders: To see mail folders shared by other users, go to Mail -> Preferences -> Advanced -> IMAP Path Prefix and change "INBOX" to "" (blank). Your own mail folders will now show underneath Mailboxes -> Inbox, while shared folders will show underneath "CSAIL IMAP". If Mail suggests reverting the prefix to "INBOX", tell it "Don't Change."

Kerberos password prompts: Occasional prompts when checking/sending mail are normal. To remove them, change both Mail -> Accounts -> Advanced -> Authentication, and Mail -> Accounts -> Account Information -> Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -> Edit Server List -> Advanced -> Authentication, to "CRAM-MD5".
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